Event Registrar Learning Management System

A Complete e-Learning/Learning Management System (LMS) for much less.

With Event Registrar™, you can completely manage your learning environment, course names and descriptions, create and manage online classes, instructors,
students, and maintain your own virtual learning environment with ease. View the help manual for the specifics on every feature in admin and instructor areas.

GuiWeb LMS Online Course Demo
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Whether you want to:

  • Host a single course or several courses online
  • Use just the online registration system or the entire e-learning system
  • Offer a complete Learning Management or e-Learning System, Event Registrar™ is the perfect tool!

We offer low priced options for single events, ongoing courses or full featured Learning Management Systems.

Online Courses

Use Event Registrar™ to offer and create online classes:

  • Create online classes
  • Write tests
  • Set mandatory review time
  • design content and tests to your liking
  • Upload images
  • Format material using our online editor
  • View the length of time it took students to take individual tests
  • Toggle classes "available" or "unavailable"
  • Much, much more...

Administrators can:

  • Create courses or events
  • Input class size, cost, location, dates, class description
  • Set course closure date
  • Assign instructors
  • Create auto response emails
  • Allow "stand by" students who are emailed automatically if a student cancels the class
  • View student information
  • Search the database for student records
  • Email registered students to advise them of upcoming events
  • Format pages using our online GUI (graphic user interface)...no need to know html
  • Set payment options
  • Print labels for pre-course material
  • Process Credit Cards
  • Much, much more...

Courses are then dynamically placed on the online calendar where students can immediately sign up.

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Learning management systems do not have to be expensive. Simple admin management using GuiWeb's LMS.

Using Event Registrar™, students can:

  • View a list of all available courses
  • Register for a course
  • Pay for a course securely
  • Receive an automated response with a unique registration number
  • Using their password, log in and begin taking their online class
  • Take a break, log out and return to continue at the student's pace
  • Pay for their course in payments (if admin allows)
  • Much, much more...

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Corporate training for less. Corporate training using GuiWeb's learning management system.


  • Instructors have their own admin area
  • Create Workbooks with content and quizes
  • Upload PowerPoints, files, images
  • Email class Rosters
  • Write test Pools
  • Track student progress with your gradebook

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Easy instructor/student interaction using GuiWeb's LMS. Inexpensive e-learning systems by GuiWeb.com

Event Registrar™ allows you to host your courses online without the inflated cost that comes with most full-featured Learning Management Systems.

Call us today for your corporate learning or e-learning needs.Event Registrar™ is a simple addition to your web site that will change the way you run your school or business. We can simply integrate Event Registrar™ in with your current web site or our creative team can develop a custom web site tailored to your school or business that will incorporate this powerful system.

Use Event Registrar™ and you will have a turn key, online school and event registration system.

Forget paying hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our system is offered at a fraction of the cost of other Learning Management Systems.

Do you have more questions? Visit our FAQ page.

Please contact or email our sales staff for a personal demo of Event Registrar™ over the phone.