Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is not rocket science but it's becoming the hot new market. Why? Because everyone is now turning to the web for information. Printed advertising is going the way of the dinosaur. Now we have a global market and everyone is competing for the same visitors. How can your web site attract customers and come up in search lists above your comptetition? The solution is search engine optimization or "SEO."

SEO or Search engine optimization is a very simple concept. Search engines like Google or Yahoo send out bots to categorize the information on your web site so that when someone types in search criteria, your site comes up. If your site does not contain the words or phrases for which someone searched, your site will not come up. The key is to "optimize" your site for likely search criteria.

When choosing someone to optimize your site, make sure they know what they're doing. Ten years ago everyone claimed to be a web designer. 99% of those people have found other jobs. We have survived the tough times because we deliver. Our clients score very high in searches because we understand how search engines work. We guarantee your site listing will elevate in standings or it's free.

We include free initial SEO or search engine optimization with every site we design and build.

For retro-fit optimization, we charge hourly which varies. The initial consultation is free. Please contact GuiWeb today and tell us you'd like SEO optimization today!