Our apologies for the bulletin board

Hi all you bulletin board contributors and readers.  First of all we must apologize for the sudden and abrupt end to the old bulletin board.  It was not intentional but inevitable.  We had planned on phasing out the board gradually as the Pinders no longer wanted to keep the old board.  It was a constant battle to keep it updated and try to keep hackers and spammers out, while allowing you folks to post.  We had many complaints over the past months that several of you could not create a new account.  We narrowed the problem to some issue with the spam filter.  To try to narrow down the issue we temporarily disengaged the spam filter and you guessed it, during those few days we were infiltrated by some scammer using the board to mass mail spam.  We figured we could simply upgrade the board and maybe this would fix the issue, however, during the upgrade several files were corrupted and the upgrade turned into a mess in and of itself.  We decided it was best to simply shut it down earlier than we anticipated.  For the abrupt shut down we sincerely apologize.  It was not our intent to do so in such an abrupt fashion.

We also want to thank the administrators on the old board.  You folks were amazing at keeping conversations going and handling issues that came up.  We would love to have you be contributors on this site as well, creating (or continuing) message threads here on the new site where we wanted to continue the beautiful correspondence anyway.

Mike’s fans are like no others, finding ways to communicate their love for him and one another.  For your heartfelt interest in his work, we are forever grateful.

6 Responses to Our apologies for the bulletin board

  1. It’s gone! It’s gone!! *cry*

    Seriously though, can I also say thanks to the folks who maintained the phpbb forum, and especially to Iwaenakonu who was unfailingly kind and generous with his time and effort there (and often inspirational in other ways too). The board had become quiet of late, but I’ll miss the old discussion threads and the connections made there. I hope some of the more regular people will keep in touch through this system or by other means.

  2. iwaenakonu says:

    aah! as george harrison sang….”all things must pass”….change and challenge keep the journey alive! and ‘thinking aloud’ (lol)….mahalo….we all did for the common thread…the silver chord….brought together by mike’s canvas. always aloha love.

  3. gdbray says:

    What can I say, but thanks Mike, Iwa and all those that I spoke with over the last few years! I appreciated the banter.

    I shall continue to keep an eye on Mike’s webpage for news, so keep in touch.

  4. wayneb says:

    I have been offline for a while and came back to find…..no forum! I understand the reasons why, of course, but I don’t want to lose touch with the many people who have graced these pages in the past (you know who you are!)

    You can keep up with my somewhat strange activities on smashthatcomputer.com


  5. bobbyp1966 says:

    It’s just as well, I came back after a LONG absence…knew that someday the cyber-simeons would get the best of the Fora. But oh, well, you all posted here and it’s always good to hear from Mike, too! In the last few years, I became a grampa TWICE (two beautiful granddaughters!) saw my daughter get married and helped them establish the trappings of home: place to live, car, etc. Not easy to do on disability income, but we did it. Son-in-law is Navy and daughter starts medical assisting school soon, so Grampa get so babysit almost daily! I’m proud of my daughter, she really made something of herself. Still a bachelor for life here, doing just fine…in spite of the economy and the partisan bickering in government. We’ll all make it, we have no choice but to make it. Cheers!

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