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Mike the philosopher and his “pinderings.”

Things to Ponder…..

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Mike Pinder Facebook Banner by Ross Mehan

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Happy Father’s Day

To Our Children’s Children’s Children – Mike Pinder leaves a legacy of love and music…

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Mike Pinder Mellotronman on Facebook

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Musicians Enter Here

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Sitting in An English Garden

The sun was shining for the belated celebration of our birthdays.  “70 orbits around the sun” as I have always referred to the yearly cycle of our life on the planet.  It was a lovely evening of friends, music and … Continue reading

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memorial day usa

I have been living in California for almost 40 years and have a great love of the west and the philosophy that drew me across atlantic ocean back in the 1970’s.  I have always admired the creative, entrepreneurial mindset of … Continue reading

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My theory of the British Music Invasion

I have always had a theory about rock music that evolved as a result of the so called British Invasion after the Elvis era. The blues from the American south was instantly recognized and embraced by the musicians of my … Continue reading

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Mellotronic Memories

When I was only four years old I knew music had magical properties.  We had a piano in our home and I would sit for hours under the piano and feel the strings as I played a note and wondered … Continue reading

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More “Pinderings…”

Sites to “Pinder”…These are a few of my favorite links… Now that we’re out here…Open your Heart…To the Universe…Of which we’re apart……. Musical ideas, like other art forms, are unique only in their expression. … Continue reading

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