Deep mellotron master

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  1. BestWay says:

    I hope you are well. I agree with one of the posts that John indeed pushed you out of the way twice, at the HOF. If you had had your druthers, which of your songs would you have liked to have played?
    Thank heavens you had the video of you and ray fooling around.
    What is your opinion on that, once a member is gone, they no longer play their songs in concert? In certain cases J&J have subbed their voices adequately. I feel that Norda and Julie, should be given a shot at some really great tunes. I did watch a vid from one of the cruises, where Justin was trying to do Melancholy Man with John and Graham, and almost certainly Graham didn’t know if he should mess it up or get real. A few death stares from Justin got him on track.
    I do and have listened to your music and words everyday of my travel around the sun, (64) and I hope your journey continues for a vey long time. To bad they closed the threshold store in England.

  2. georgetron says:

    Another orbit, another birthday. What a way to travel!
    Happy Birthday Mike!
    old George tron

  3. georgetron says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday!

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