Sitting in An English Garden

The sun was shining for the belated celebration of our birthdays.  “70 orbits around the sun” as I have always referred to the yearly cycle of our life on the planet.  It was a lovely evening of friends, music and memories.  If we look a little colorful it is due to the party 60’s theme.  Yes, I wore a pair of tiny sunglasses with the peace symbol in the center of each lenses.

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3 Responses to Sitting in An English Garden

  1. georgetron says:

    The birthday boys, Ray Thomas and Mike Pinder look good and only a bit older from when they started out in show business. Mike’s son looks younger than yesterday. And wow! Look at that beautiful bird! The rock ‘n rollers get all the cute chicks!
    Carry On Lads! And Happy Birthday! from George over in America

  2. Bonniebug says:

    So great to see Ray and Mike together again. Have missed seeing them so much!

  3. symonds says:

    I’ve sent an email, Pindicus – fab to see you all together: wish I had been there.

    Symondicus x

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