Mike Lee and Mike Sr

Pinder jam session, taken by friend Ross Mehan.

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  1. robkoomen says:

    I can hear the sound of new music. Wouldn’t it be nice.

  2. Ken Wasky says:

    here’s a poem about what a father can offer his son…..Merlin is metaphoric for Dad, so it could have been called Dad’s Key…….when I see the bonding between you two, it reminded me of so very much!


    Gather once more the energies from within,
    And breathe the life giving air of morning;
    The sun dawns and bathes us in light,
    Making possible the wonderous gift of sight.

    Free your mind and we’ll turn Merlin’s Key,
    Unlocking the splendors of nature’s harmony;
    The royal majesty found in the clouds of time,
    A magical reunion of memories, so sublime.

    Imagine with me a procession of the Wise,
    In pictures, marching across afternoon skies;
    Look beyond the colours of everyday thought,
    Into moving space, where all life is caught.

    The evening brings on a reoccuring theme,
    Enter the darkness that recreates the Dream;
    For it is here where the Truth can be told,
    Bridging the ages between the young and old.

    Merge with the Ancients and see with their eyes,
    The purpose of life beyond all words that lie;
    Now ride the winds in the Land of the Free,
    Passing on the secrets so others may see.

  3. Ken Wasky says:

    I wrote the poem in 1981, when my son was born…….just so you know.

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