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Esoteric Recordings Release Deluxe 3-Disc CD & DVD Set Of ‘The Promise / Among The Stars’ Featuring New Bonus Material By Moody Blues Founding Member Mike Pinder


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  1. jeffreywah says:

    Hey Mike I am a longtime fan. I just ordered your cd the Promise is it possible you could sign it for me? It seems every time I listen to the Moody Blues I become more and more a fan of you and the mellotron. Tell me do you still play the instrument or are you able to replicate the depth of the sound with modern keys? Anyhow cant wait to hear the discs I ordered. Thank you for all the great songs and that sound I just cant get out of the back of my mind. Hell I dont want to! Have you heard-The voyage-Have you heard pt 2 is my favorite. Thanks Mike. Jeff Duty

  2. Kaytou says:

    Hello Mike,
    Hope all’s well with you and yours,..happy and healthy.
    Recently bought a Korg with “Tron” samples in it. Closest to the real mellotron sound I’ve found..and could afford. Since, I’ve been rapturously entertaining the forest with “Dawn is a feeling” in the morn and “Evening,Sunset,twilight time and nights” almost every day.Also re-exploring every mellotron piece I can recall.with the right amp settings,I can almost feel tapes heads drag.
    It is my meditation.
    Thank you for all the years of inspiration. Take care ol’ Friend.
    (drop us note….let us know your ok and what your up to these days)

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