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  1. therikerp says:

    Hello Mike. I was wondering how to make a signing request on items ordered from your website. When I go to checkout, no box opens to allow for special instructions.

    Thank you,

    Patrick Riker

  2. lovly2cu says:

    Two weeks ago I met Carl Palmer/ELP/ASIA. Now I have met 2 awesome guys from Birmingham

  3. jon1953 says:

    Dear Mike, I dont work,so have to do things for low cost.I have run Linux for many years and like at the moment linux mint.
    now the thing is before I get to old I am trying to get windows vst`s to talk to a piece of software called LMMS,which is like fruity loops.
    I have also got a O/S called KXstudio 64bit has lots of bells and whistles and uses jack sound architecture.
    I have downloaded the Redtron mellotron series of vst`s and a.dll for a dual manual variety.
    ITS JUST all my life i have wanted a mellotron but couldnt aford one and wife preasure to forget it.(young family)
    but Ilistend to “lost in a lost world” again on utube,and this has put me on this quest.
    Sorry for the bandwith.
    An admirer

  4. malika says:

    Hello Mike and lovers of the music. I want to tell you that I had root canal work done today and brought in a DVD of Moody Blues at Isle of Wight festival 1970
    what a pleasure the dentist (born in 1961) enjoyed it as well as his dental assistant and certainly made a difficult situation more than bearable for me. This dentist is the first one I know of that has a dvd player to clients in the chair. I am a lover of the Moody Blues music while Mike was involved and miss that energy. I almost cried (joy) in watching and seeing the people at that time period- such a great time of our lives.
    Mike, thank you for being YOU. always an inspiration, a blessings to us all.

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