Remembering Tony Clarke August 2016

August 9, 2016 Coventry Telegraph article is a well written tribute to the Moody Blues Producer Tony Clarke, the Sixth Moody.13882158_1092809817492659_5335049000584930464_n


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2 Responses to Remembering Tony Clarke August 2016

  1. georgetron says:

    In 1967 I remember seeing Tony in a picture on the back of the album cover of Days of Future Passed. As the “core seven” albums emerged Tony Clarke was always there as “the 6th Moodie”. Tony was as truly to the Moodies as was George Martin was to The Beatles. As many have said Tony was a kind gentleman. Tony shared his thoughts with me when I asked him about string as well as other voices to place on my mellotron tapes. In a live chat on Mike’s website Tony and I agreed on what we thought as “45RPM single feel” to a Pinder Brothers track.
    I recall that Tony said that he was touched that his loving daughter and his pal Mike Pinder shared the same December birthdate.
    Mike one time mentioned this, and I have a picture of in my minds eye, Tony sitting on a garden bench in Mike & Tara’s English-Califorina garden early in the morning talking to his wife timezones and miles away over in England back when Tony was helping the Pinder Brothers on an album there in old Grass Valley, California.
    Even when Tony became ill, looks like he lived a “it doesn’t get any better than this life”.
    Cheers to Tony.

  2. Brian says:

    I have had a deep respect for Tony Clarke’s mixing and production since my first immersive listening experiences back in the mid 80’s. (I’m in my 50s.) I always felt like he was keenly aware of creating an actual “place” that you went to, whether wildly unfamiliar or hauntingly familiar (or both). I have spread the word about his talent (along with the talents of the Moody Blues), on many music forums and comment sections.

    I know I’m commenting on this years after he has passed, but he’s been on my mind again in recent months, as I record an album of electric guitar instrumental tracks. I intend to dedicate it to his memory.

    RIP, Mr. Clarke

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