Missing Tony Clarke

Thinking of my dear friend today.  Here is a photo of us together!

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  1. MCOTIB says:

    You both look sublimely content, in what appears to be a recent photo. I heard “The Island” for the first time today right after the Beatles’ “Free as a Bird.” Spirit-ful proof that nothing truly ceases to be.

  2. zorrpop says:

    It was great Tony did the Pinder Brothers recording with you. I joined the live chat you held with Tony and your sons. It will always be a very cherished memory!

  3. Awesome photo Mike. No doubt the Classic 7 albums wouldn’t be Classic without the genius of these two production artists. BTW, did you count the holes when you were inside that building? Enquiring minds need to know how many? Because John said Now they know how many holes it takes….

  4. Ken Wasky says:

    I wonder if the two of you realize how your music affected so many of us. It was a time of late hours where we explored the universe and joined with like minds in a magical cosmic link. Inspiration, compassion, true freedom, feeling life’s fabric, seeing what mankind has done to this world, etc, etc, etc. We spent so many days and nights learning and trying to understand all that life has to offer including its uses and abuses. This was all done in a milieux of love, friendship and music. It was the music that brought the lyrics so deep within us all. So you may miss your friend but I miss the magic we all experienced together. It always seems that Tony and you were our friends….just so you know.

    • Ken Wasky says:

      I have lost some of my best buddies too. There is a hole in my heart because of it. Yet, I can smile as so much of who they are is still with me and I am a better person because of them. I see from your picture that you two were like one. There is no better feeling. I just wanted you to know how much you both mean to many of us. Fans? Maybe. But, like I said, more like friends.

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