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I have been living in California for almost 40 years and have a great love of the west and the philosophy that drew me across atlantic ocean back in the 1970’s.  I have always admired the creative, entrepreneurial mindset of people in the west.  No class distinctions.  When you meet someone you either like them or you don’t.  Everyone is tinkering in their garage, trying to come up with something useful or inventive.  I love that.  It is the best of britain, without the problems of class and condescension.   I have never understood snobbery.  What a waste of time feeling superior.  It is quite meaningless.

In britain we always called snobs, toffee nosed.  I guess if a snob knew they were being called a toffee nosed git or toffee nosed wanker, they might think twice about their delusions of grandeur.  But in the USA it was less about wealth and the perception that it gave you any greater standing or status.  There was always a greater sense of equality.  It was about being innovative and changing the world.  (the omnipresent California sunshine was always a draw for me.  I think I left Britain the year I did not see the sun for 268 days)

Today is memorial day and I have been contemplating the men and women who have risked it all for our freedoms.  My grandfather was killed in WWI, my dad was in India while serving in the British Army and my father in-law was only 17 when he enlisted as marine and went Guam during WWII.  It is staggering to see people today still fighting for the freedom to speak, women’s rights, the rights of children, the rights of people everywhere to have clean water, food and basic housing and sanitation.  Sacred rights that should be universal.  But I don’t need memorial day to remind me of the sacrifice people make.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think of those young men and women fighting wars and risking life and limb.  But I also think of the artists, writers, journalists, musicians, poets telling the story and singing their song to uplift us.  And I think of the volunteers, charities and organizers, lending a hand and showing us a better way.   And the doctors, scientists, educators and teachers who are sharing knowledge, the most powerful tool we have, building better brains!  Take a minute each day to envision all of these people working together.  Inner vision, not superstition, will bring peace and harmony.

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  1. Ken says:

    Thank you, Mike, for the reminder that “Fighting for Freedom” doesn’t always take place on a battlefield of war.

  2. gadflying says:

    Mike: Great thoughts, and so wonderful to read your ponderings/pinderings. Your music has been a wonderful soundtrack to my life, and the beauty of your music is not just in the melody, but in the prose/poetry which you put to music. While I would love to hear the melodies again, I am nevertheless grateful for the commentary. There has always been a discernable integrity to the way that you approached music and life, and I hope that you will feel inspired to continue to post your thoughts. Happy Memorial Day!

  3. gadflying says:

    (This next comment is out of place — sorry! While thinking about your music, the lyrics to the song “Messenger Wind” by the great Bruce Cockburn came to mind:

    In a horse-powered sleigh at the top of the town
    sun coming up paints the snow all around with rose light

    In front of the house where I’m supposed to be born
    I don’t think I’m ready to walk through that door just yet

    To be one more voice in the human choir
    rising like smoke from the mystical fire of the heart

    The wind that blows through everything
    sweeps out the halls of my heart when I sing to you

    It carries the moon and the stars and the rain
    Carries the seagulls and carries my shame away

    Spins me around, stops me running away
    from all the things I’ve been waiting to say But don’t

    is bigger than you can imagine
    is forever

    Sun coming up paints the snow all around
    Rose on the roofs and the trees and the ground
    And the stream
    In my dream
    Messenger wind swooping out of the sky
    Lights each tiny speck in my human kaleidoscope
    With hope

    (The tune can be found on youtube: )

    Would love to hear you cover this song some day! Can only imagine how a mellotron would sound weaving through these beautiful words/melody.

  4. Lorraine says:

    Mr. Pinder: Chances of me ever meeting you are slim, so I want to take this opportunity to say to you: thank you. You will never know in this world what the core seven MB albums have meant to me in my life.
    God bless you!

  5. Very well said, Mike. One of the (few) downsides of living in the Northwest is lack of sun. Relentless weeks without sun can be depressing. 6 or 1/2 dozen of the other: places that I once lived where the sun appeared more often, accompanied by 90º heat that I couldn’t handle – to alleviate the heat one goes inside where the a/c blows and the sun doesn’t shine. However, above the roofs and above the clouds, the “Sun Is Still Shining” above all the Universe’s creatures especially those that sacrificed their lives so that others may have freedom and peace. “Imagine all the people, living……….”

  6. Lorrica says:

    I would like to second what Lorraine has shared… “Chances of me ever meeting you are slim, so I want to take this opportunity to say to you: thank you. You will never know in this world what the core seven MB albums have meant to me in my life.”

    We often sing the praises of those who have moved on from this realm, after the fact.
    It is important to acknowledge those that have made a difference in our lives before they have left this planet!

    Thank you Mr. Pinder Sir, for all the wonderful music, lyrics and all, you have shared with us!

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