Musicians Enter Here

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  1. Seedling says:

    Hi Mike,
    My name is Michael Oak and I played and wrote music with Sky Sunlight Saxon for almost 20 years. Sky used to tell me he knew you and I was just curious if you had any memories you could share.

  2. Chip says:

    Are there music scores or lead sheets for any of your music? I am especially interested in ‘Upside Down’ and ‘The Best Things In Life Are Free’.

  3. Kaytou says:

    I’m hoping this might be a good place to find other musicians in my area (530) that would enjoy getting together and just having a happy easy going jam of Moody-tunes.
    (I’m also happy to teach moody blues tunes to anyone interested…for the fun of it.)
    I live in the Nevada city area and can be reached @530-388-8397 or @
    lets have some fun!

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