Where Have All The Pop Stars Gone?

The book can be purchased online from Amazon.com (UK & US), www.barnesandnoble.com and other online booksellers. It is distributed by Ingram (the largest book distributor in the world), so bookstores can order it using the ISBN.  Great interviews with Mike and Ray Thomas.

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  1. Roddi says:

    Hi Mike,
    I’m presently working on a song that is going to require a ‘Mike Pinder’ type of keyboard arrangement. So I thought “Why not contact the man who could do the world’s best Mike Pinder type of keyboard arrangement?” Which leads me to the question;
    “Do you record keyboards on other artists’ recording these days?”
    If the answer is yes, could you please contact me at rod@rcband.com and let me know what you would typically charge for this sort of thing?

    Rod Chappell

    • mikepinder says:

      Hi Rod,
      Mike only works on his own projects now and occasionally with his sons Mike Lee and Matt Pinder.
      Best wishes for your new song. Mike is honored to hear you will be giving it the Pinder Keyboard touch!
      Cheers and happy holidays!

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