Dave Mason and Mike

Dave Mason and Mike had a most enjoyable reunion after Dave’s concert last night at The Center for the Arts in Grass Valley CA. The show was brilliant. Catch Dave in concert if you can. http://www.davemasonmusic.com/home




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  1. Ken Wasky says:

    Alone Together was such an amazing album. I remember, along with Question of Balance, it set such a high standard for other musicians and producers to meet. Its combination of great music and lyrics inspired many. Sometimes we forget about all the impact we made be it inadvertently or not. So Dave and Mike please never forget that many of us owe you a lot of thanks. And I certainly will catch Dave’s show if possible.

  2. tibersail says:

    Mike ,

    Still amazing to see Dave after 50? years. Watched the Beach Boys with Brian and Dave. What Harmony they can make after 50 years. It would be a real treat to see You and Ray on the cruise in April. Maybe Heaven can wait but real Moodys fans would can’t. What the heck I’ll buy the ticket for you. Keep on thinking Robert

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