Front Row Features Mellotronic Man


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2 Responses to Front Row Features Mellotronic Man

  1. Outsidelookingin says:

    Hi Mike,
    Sitting here listening to my favorite all time album, “To Our Children’s, Children’s, Children. What a masterpiece! It made me think of a question that I have never heard addressed before so here goes: To me the Mellotron is not just a machine that makes sounds or music and I think that even though you have looped the tapes so they play longer than 9 minutes and you have them synthesized as well; doesn’t that still in some way diminish the original sound that we all fell in love with back in the day? What if the Mellotron cannot be purely and totally reproduced unless it is played exactly the way you played it then and for exactly the length of time that it would hold a note? Even the box itself had a certain quality all of it’s own as I witnessed many years ago at one of your concerts. Perhaps, I am just daffy and I am not a musician, just a devoted lifetime fan! So what do you think? Have I got a point or ??

  2. Ken Wasky says:

    Not daffy at all. It might be the best albums ever recorded in my opinion. The mellotron is used as a voice becoming an integral part of the meaning and the music. Its lyrical quality captured the mind and the spirit of the album. I hope Mike replies to your post, it is a good one.

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