Simple Game Mike Pinder

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5 Responses to Simple Game Mike Pinder

  1. Svenddk says:

    Hi Mike
    Missing Your contribution of songs and lyrics!


  2. georgetron says:

    Oh do do do …
    There by your side
    I will be
    When this crazy world
    Is free,
    Free from doubt,
    When it finds out
    Exactly what
    We’re meant to be,
    When we are one,
    We’re all the same,
    And life is just
    A simple game.
    Oh do do do …
    Thoughts on a sunny day
    Flashing through my head,
    Thinking how life could be,
    All of the things
    That the great ones have said.
    Be what
    You want to be,
    You deserve to be,
    We are meant to be.
    Oh do do do …

    Thank you for the words and music,


  3. georgetron says:

    Hi “y’all”, My wife Barbara, with me in tow, will gladly join Mike Pinder Mellotronman!
    Best, oldGeorge

  4. wayneb says:

    It’s a nice group, George. Welcome! Isn’t this song one of the best Mike ever wrote? I appreciated the little reference to this on “Strange Times”.

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