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  1. At 14 I happened across ‘A Question of Balance’. By Thirty Five, it was clear… The Moodies were my closest/heartfelt band. I’d immersed and studied them deeply and
    decided then(35yrs old) that there were two sides of two albums, and a dozen singles
    from others, that would never grow tired of. (The music hasn’t aged, but I have.)
    All of the moodies are great, but the dimension, or the key to the door into the transpersonal (which all humans relate with) is only evident with Mikes playing.
    To close for now I share two items…..
    One – Mike, if it can happen, by all means accept…accept, accept, a reunion(tour)…
    even for a few global locations w nominal performances. (Your work together is
    ‘beyond’, and God knows the world needs the Moodies.)
    Two – I have some lyric material, you simply have to see. Its not mine. Its a friends.
    Its rich, its plentiful, and its ‘moody blue’ material. Guide me accordingly please.

    Me, I’m 60 something, from Ojai, Ca. …and I have sound references.
    So, its way past my bed time. Time for a snack.

    Blessings To All…. Tobin Lampson

  2. PS. If Mike alone is able to view my post, it would be fine by me. Thanks, Tobin

  3. mcamp says:

    I would love to see Mike Pinder do a solo tour. So maay of your songs were highlights on the albums, it would be a shame for them not to be heard in a live setting no more.
    Peace and love,


  4. Grateful Jerry says:

    I tried to join the group but it looks like I’ve been excluded for some reason. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to console myself with all the Moodies and Mike Pinder music I’ve bought over the years. Love your music, Mike Pinder.

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