Moodies Nominated for Rock N Roll Hall of Fame 2018

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3 Responses to Moodies Nominated for Rock N Roll Hall of Fame 2018

  1. Svenddk says:

    Dear Ray
    It’s really about time!
    You guys have made so much great memorable music!
    You deserve it – if any!

  2. hopefultraveller says:

    I was very disappointed that the 50th anniversary Days of Future Passed tour did not feature a reunion and have you Mike, if not Ray as well (if he was up to it), included in this new PBS Great Performance concert with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the live performance of the album. I know John mentioned a hopeful possibility 2 years ago. Certainly Jeremy Irons did not cut it, in my opinion. Really, there is no substitute for your Voice in there, and only you playing your parts of that Music with the Band, can truly celebrate the anniversary, convey the Spirit, heal us, and close the circle, or spiral, as it were. I was very sad that the names Mike Pinder and Ray Thomas weren’t even mentioned in the show or during the interviews included in the PBS broadcast of the Moody Blues Great Performance 2017 concert that I watched last night! It wasn’t really the true 50th Anniversary celebration that it should have been. So, I and I am sure many others will be devastated if you are ignored should the Moody Blues be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I fully expect you and Ray to be included in the Group and the awards if inducted. What a moment we could experience, a communal astral Departure, Universal Peace, Love, and Harmony that we desperately need, if we should witness a performance by the 5 of you all together! We are in search of the lost chord that we yearn to hear once last time. The remaining MBs together, and individually, have carried on well, and I and my family have been to many concerts these last decades. I and my children, now in their 20s, have lost ourselves in your melodious voice travelling on journeys through your albums of planetary folk stories. Excellent and unique. I am sure that my children’s children will treasure them as well. Four years ago, I visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I put a written comment in at the desk that the Moody Blues must be inducted and why. Surely many others have also over the years. We are tired of never comes the day! Hopefully, this will be the one! And it must include you and Ray. We miss you! Good luck! Peace

  3. richiespicks says:

    Congratulations, Mike! Peace from SF.

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