Love and Beauty – Moody Blues

I wish that I could change the world
For every boy there’d be a girl for him to know
And maybe people would look up
Then they might realize they’re not the only ones alive

(Love) Love and beauty (Love)
(Love) Love and beauty (Love)
(Love) Love and beauty (Love)
Should be everybody’s duty
To welcome every man as a friend


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  1. tcheezum says:

    Mr. Pinder,

    I am a public school band director in Maryland, USA, on the East Coast. I was lucky enough to have parents that shared your music with me early in my childhood, and now as an adult who continues to be devoted to all the wonderful music that you have created, I would like to share it with my students. To that end I would like to secure the rights to arrange themes from Days of Future Passed and use it as our field band music this year. As of yet I have not found the location for where the rights to your specific songs from the album can be secured. Could you point me in the right direction please?

    Thank you sincerely!

    Tom Cheezum

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