Mike Pinder and John Lodge (2018 Rock Hall)

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  1. mugglemikec says:

    I hope Mike gets to read this personally.

    Your talent, creativity, hard work and brass balls have really made a positive difference in the world, I wish you all the best all the time forever.

    In high school, my first class started each day with your songs. Now, 45 years later, I end each and every evening listening to you on the Mellotron. No kidding. One of the lyrics you spoke, the”keep on thinking free” line, conscripted my spirit at 15 and has directed my life to this day!

    • subtlechange@mchsi.com says:

      “It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave”. I was listening to this so young I had to look up the word riles and perceive. (I think I was 6 or 7). Talk about influential!

  2. subtlechange@mchsi.com says:

    I am a musician and Michael Pinder fan (Early Moody Blues, etc). In my solo set I play many unexpected songs. I am looking for the chords to Someone to Believe In. I’ve been playing along with The Promise for years. This one eludes me. Can anyone help me? Mike, are you there?

  3. I too…since ‘A Question of Balance’…have realized: a) I’ll never tire of the first
    seven Moodies albums, b) Mike is the ‘soul’ of the Moodies , c) Mike’s music/lyrics
    are presented in a way that evokes all listeners to do what the music does, it encourages to – think beyond/wonder/think of higher things. My heartfelt appreciation/admiration/
    encouragement to the Soulful Wiseman, Mr. Michael Pinder.

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