Mike Pinder on Induction into Rock Hall of Fame

The rock hall of fame people were wonderful. The ceremony was too long and the sound too loud for the room but there were moments of great interest. For the Moody families it was the opportunity to share in several days of love, past memories and making new memories for our families. All the band brought their children and grandchildren and that was magic. The grandchildren got to see that the music has remained relevant and impactful for 50 years.

Many MB fans have asked why I did not speak at the induction but by the time the Moodies took the stage we were 5 hours into the ceremony. The oldest of the inductees were up the latest. The speeches were a bit anti-climatic at that point and it was only fitting that the current touring members spoke first. I am happy that we finally got inducted for our fans sake.

As I have said for the last 30 years “the fans are my hall of fame.”

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