For the fiftieth anniversary of the release of this album, it’s been reissued with a lot of bonus tracks. This disc has always been sort of forgotten in terms of the Moody Blues catalog. That’s because it doesn’t really fit that well. For one thing, it’s clearly not the progressive rock that one expects from the Moodies. We still include it under prog here at MSJ because the band are a prog band. The album has a much different lineup than the bulk of their catalog. For one thing, Denny Laine was part of the Moody Blues at this time. John Lodge and Justin Hayward were not. Graeme Edge, Ray Thomas and Mike Pinder were on board during this period, though. The fifth member on this album was Clint Warwick. The thing is, as odd as this is, there are plenty of things here that do show connections to the later Moody Blues sound. This is well worth having for the archival value, but it’s also fun to spin. Just don’t expect to hear the kind of symphonic prog one expects from the Moodies.

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