2018 Rock Hall of Fame Inductees – The Moody Blues

Justin Hayward, Mike Pinder, Adam Thomas (son of Ray Thomas), John Lodge and Graeme Edge

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2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


This win is for the listeners of our music.  Thank you for the love and support.

Mike Pinder

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Moodies Nominated for Rock N Roll Hall of Fame 2018

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Love and Beauty – Moody Blues

I wish that I could change the world
For every boy there’d be a girl for him to know
And maybe people would look up
Then they might realize they’re not the only ones alive

(Love) Love and beauty (Love)
(Love) Love and beauty (Love)
(Love) Love and beauty (Love)
Should be everybody’s duty
To welcome every man as a friend


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Days of Future Passed turns 50!

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Mike Pinder Facebook Group

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Days of Future Passed – 50 Years

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Simple Game Mike Pinder

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Have You Heard Used in ABC Agents Of SHIELD

The TV show Agents of SHIELD used Have You Heard in the intro and at the end of their last episode.  The Agents of Shield used “Have You Heard” to both open and close the show. In the opening, one of the characters is actually playing the song intentionally and another character says, “I always thought this would be a good song to be born to.” “In the end the song is used in a montage of different characters as they’re living out their life, unknowingly, in a virtual reality world.” Check it out.


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From the Hearld de Paris

The Moody Blues’ masterful, mystical Michael Pinder

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